Le Cercle privé

The Cercle privé is made up of our members.

To become a member of Vendôme Circle is to join a circle of connoisseurs, art lovers and epicureans who meet regularly for visits, tastings, private dinners, excursions or simply to enjoy a drink at our monthly Rendez-vous.

Each year members have access to regular Rendez-vous, events and exclusive experiences. They can register for as many events as they wish (most of which are fee-based), subject to availability and membership level.

The aesthetic line of Vendôme Circle is naturally oriented towards ancient art and architecture and an art of living that perpetuates noble traditions – without denying modernity, its creations or its technicality. In this respect, exhibitions and visits will most often highlight the artistic movements that flourished between the 16th and 18th centuries, but also those of the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

Through their membership, members form part of a community of aesthetes and epicureans.

They have access to regular meetings (the “Rendez-vous du mardi”) and to events offered throughout the year: exhibitions, meetings, outings, etc.

In addition to the events mentioned above, Vendôme Circle offers its members exceptional moments called “Privileges”, in Paris, in France, and later, in Europe.

These privileges include, for example, an outing to discover a regional exhibition under privileged conditions, a visit to an exhibition with a meeting with the curator, a private dinner in a gallery…

For the application process, see here.