Le Cercle privé of Vendôme Circle is composed of a number of levels. The same applies to the application process.

Step 1 (to be completed by October or February of each year):

    • Complete and submit the application form

    • Write and send a letter of motivation

    • Have a short interview

You will find the application form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Entering the candidacy period

Candidacy periods:

    • October—January

    • February—May

For candidates outside of the Paris region or abroad:

    • October—May

    • February—January

Stage 3: During the Candidacy Period


    • attend Vendôme Circle’s monthly Rendez-vous

    • introduce themselves and speak about one of their passions at one of the Rendez-vous

    • attend at least one other event

Fill in application form via Google Forms: