Literary Latin Quarter—a Walking Tour in Paris

In 2017 Douglas Arthur Pierce, Vendôme Circle’s founder, launched his first Walking Tour in Paris—Literary Latin Quarter—which was an immediate success. The tour is an immersion in the literary and philosophical past of Paris’s celebrated Latin Quarter as well as the history of the neighbourhood that goes back to Gallo-Roman times.

The Place de la Contrescarpe is where ‘A Moveable Feast’ opens—it’s also where Literary Latin Quarter begins


In the space of a short time, key periods from the 2000-year history of the Latin Quarter come alive. It all starts with a lively exchange over coffee: guests meet with Douglas Arthur at a charming café on an Ancient Roman road just steps away from where René Descartes would live on his stays in Paris. Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ opens right there as well.

A view of the Cinéma du Panthéon and, in the background, The Sorbonne


After a short introduction and some time to get to know one another, guests set out to explore the famed quarter. From the hill that includes the Panthéon, The Sorbonne and the childhood haunts of Jean-Paul Sartre to the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés which witnessed gatherings of Enlightenment thinkers in the 18th century and was the stage for Existentialists in the 20th, prepare to be completely immersed in the history of Paris.

So much of our modern world is connected to this place!

The onetime Church of St. Genevieve turned Pantheon stands at the top of the Montagne St. Geneviève. On the pediment La Patrie (the Homeland) distributes crowns to distinguished citizens.

If you’re looking for a tour of Paris that is far beyond the ordinary, sign up for Literary Latin Quarter on your next trip to Paris.

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